Energy Healing

Doubts about vague sounding therapies such as energy healing are very understandable, because as Muslims we wouldn't want to do anything to undermine our religion. What we have to establish is that no haraam is included in the therapies used, such as invoking other than Allah, using symbols or witchcraft etc. That's why it's very important to specify which therapy it is as there are many differences between them. Touch is unrelated to Yoga and Reiki and has no roots in any religion; Quantum Touch is a neutral therapy that complies with islamic teachings. It involves learning very simple techniques to amplify the body's energy and raise its frequency. There's nothing mysterious about it as all can be analysed by Quantum Physics discovered in the late seventies. The course has little theoretical instruction with the main focus on practice: the participants will be using the techniques on each other. Learn how to heal yourself and others without depleting your own energy.

Energy Healing Benefits

You will learn how to use oxygen combined with energy awareness to raise your own energetic frequency and sustain it at a high level. This allows you to help yourself and others heal on the physical, emotional and mental level. The techniques are very simple yet effective: the good thing is that you don't exhaust your own energy in the process of helping others. All is learned over 2 days. The techniques can be used for self healing as well as raising a protective shield against negative energy. All kinds of negative energy: from radiation, from people and also from evil eye (nazar), hasad etc.

Interested in the Energy Healing course?

Please contact us on 07877065797 if you are interested in taking the course or have any enquiries.

Below are testimonials of people that took part in Quantum Touch Energy Healing workshops.

Shabana Bibi

I think the course was an excellent introduction to Quantum touch healing. It has equipped me with a valuable skill that I intend to use regularly, as I feel there are no limits to its potential. I would definitely recommend the course to others.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity and being a wonderful instructor.



Alhamdulillah this is a very natural and harmonious method. It encourages healing and positive mental stability. Both the patient and the practitioner benefit. It complements Islamic methods of making dua and having good thoughts for your fellow brother/sister in Islam and humanity.

I would highly recommend Quantum touch to everyone. It will change the way you think, breathe and feel.

Marriam Javid


  • Personal (inner and outer) development
  • Many healthy benefits
  • It is a universal treatment
  • Gives you a chance to get to know yourself
  • Promotes spiritual health
  • Promotes tranquillity, love and harmony towards yourself and others
  • Very practical and engaging

There are no draw backs to quantum touch

Thank you !


Mashallah, a very beneficial way of healing one self and others in a very natural and effective way. Using a simple technique to harness energy to heal just about anything. I found it helped me in so many ways to reward and satisfaction the satisfaction in helping others is immense. This is definitely something I would recommend to others. It's not to be missed!

Nazia Hussain

Quantum touch method has helped me and my loved ones immensely. I benefitted greatly through the workshops and would really recommend this to everyone. To keep them through their life whether it be stress, pain or any emotional breakage.

Sarah Elimy

Quantum touch allows you to realise how crucial and natural it is to actually be able to heal yourself and assist others to heal themselves. This course has made me more self aware as well as the world and energy around me. It teaches you how to manage your life and how energy has an effect on everything and everyone. Not only is it a very tranquil method it also helps to establish a positive attitude towards everything and will therefore better your life in every aspect. Everyone should be aware of this therapy and know how to use it as it would make the world a better place!

Nafeesa from Walsall

It was a brilliant experience Mashallah, a real eye opener. Enhanced my original knowledge and mentally helped me to develop emotional strategies. I feel a lot calmer and positive as a person. Just what I needed! I will take all the skills taught at the level of excellence to help others who are either physically or mentally in need of healing. Just as the prophet SAW stated that the dunya (life of this world) is there for our benefit so take from it (as long as it doesn’t go against Sharia) this course really coincides with this. Faridah was a brilliant host; don’t think it could have been rehearsed better, Jazakallah Khair

Tehseen from Birmingham

Very positive experience, I wanted to do this course as I have a keen interest in complementary therapies. Alhamdulillah, I found that it is a very unique and effective way to heal ourselves and others. Inshallah I will feel useful in situations where others need relieve from suffering/pain etc. Also hopefully I will be able to benefit myself through self healing as learnt during the course. The teaching of the course itself was of a very high calibre, a very friendly and positive atmosphere.

Nazia from Nottingham

The location was very relaxing and homely. Although there was a lot to cover in the two days we had plenty of opportunities to practice. I am grateful to Faridah for constantly going back to answer our never ending questions. I understand my full ability to perform QT will come with practice. Jazakallah Khair for this invaluable knowledge. I already want to do level 2.

S.R from Nottingham

The course has been very inspiring. I decided to participate to learn a lifelong skill to use natural, spiritual and Islamic methods to help better my life and health rather than depending on medicine to cure me. The course was wonderfully delivered, easy to understand and very enjoyable. JazakAllah Faridah.

Yasmine K from Walsall

I wanted to learn healing techniques that would benefit not just myself but others. The course has made me aware of my breathing and the energy each one of us has. I have enjoyed the learning I have gained from the course tutor and fellow learners. I am taking away with me the skills to heal emotions and other ailments of the body through face to face or distance healing. I know I have to keep practising to develop my skills. I cannot think of anything to suggest as an improvement, only praise Faridah for her knowledge and sharing with is her skills. Thank you so much.


I was a little doubtful about QT but after a short introduction I could feel the energy. I’ve tried QT out myself and could feel the energy emitting out my hands. When others practised on me I felt pain ebbing away, also towards the end of the session when my body felt tired other students gave me a burst of energy. I would definitely recommend this course to others. It was really interesting to know that I charge and repair household items too!

Hannah from Edgebaston

I wanted to learn how to help heal myself and others through touch. I feel I have benefitted through learning useful techniques for simple powerful healing and also benefitted through the support of the group I have shared this experience with. I.K from Stroud I needed something I could use for self help and to help others Inshallah. I have learnt how to utilise several techniques to enhance my uptake of energy and pass it onto others. I experienced how to heal myself and others and how to pass on positive energy as an individual as well as in a group.

S.B from Sparkhill

I decided to participate in this course because I am interested in holistic therapies. I also have a condition for which I am due to have surgery in December. Firstly, Inshallah I would like to avoid the surgery. I met Faridah who advised me to attend her workshop so that I could learn the skill of QT for myself and then start working on myself. I also found the idea of distant emotional healing very appealing. I have a relative who suffers with depression and I want to use this skill Inshallah to help him. The course was thoroughly enjoyable and good value for money. I certainly feel a lot more relaxed and energised following learning the techniques on the course. My work environment has a lot of negative people in the office. After day one of the workshop, I went back to work and noticed that the vibration in the office was a lot more balanced. This may have been due to the fact that the frequency of my personal energy was high and erased the negative energy around me in the office. A very worthwhile skill to learn.


I decided to do this course because it sounded too good to be true, being able to heal any kind of pain without taking medication us amazing. I came back from the course and practised on my two colleagues one who’s had acute lower back pain for years and my other colleague came into work with a trapped nerve in her shoulder. I tried power healing on both colleagues and within 40 minutes both colleagues pain was healed. My mother had arthritic pain in both of her knees and the pain was gone within 30 minutes of doing the treatment.