Hijama Testimonials

Please check out our collection of testimonials from countless clients who all benefited immensely from Hijama therapy, Alhamdulillah. So far we have successfully treated over 3,000 people.

Abida Ditta

Very professional mother and daughter would definitely recommend them as they make you feel at ease, after 2 sessions I definitely would be coming back to them regularly.

Begom Affa

Hijama has a cure for plenty ailments. It’s not as scary as YouTube shows. Not painful. As soon as the first cup is placed you will feel ease straight away. Duaas are read during the treatment. Setting your own intention straight is also important. I found it successful, inshallah you will too.


Excellent treatment, I felt valued and respected throughout my visit and would recommend others to receive treatment. I found it very affective for my issues of multiple jinn possession and sihr. Sisters are easy to talk to and warm, loving and kind. They follow correct sunnah and advise from what they know Alhumdulilah. I have had many treatments and now I feel a lot better. If I miss one hijama session I feel so much worse; this in affect highlights the accuracy of treatment provided which in itself is applausable. Alhumdulilah. Dates and juice are provided afterwards and privacy is respected throughout. I make dua Allah places more and more baraqah into the service and provide for you a mansion in Jannah for all of your help and hard work towards the ummah.

Nafeesa Hussain

Had hijamah purely because it was a sunnah of the beloved Muhammed (saw). Auntie Faridah and sister Sarah are very pleasant and make you feel very comfortable, love the information they provide. Jazakallah for the good experience

Nisa Shah

Both sisters are very experienced and professional. No pain experienced at all and I felt the benefits of hijama the following day. Overall a great experience and would highly recommend them

Saikia Bibi

If there is anything more than brilliant, I would say that. Great experience and even better results. JazakAllah Khair Sarah and Faridah

Halima Noor Hussain

I had my first Hijama and it was brilliant, Both sisters were so hospitable and kind. I will definitely be back soon inshallah

Aasiya Nurgat Lambat

I went to sister Farida for Hijaama because it is a sunnah of our beloved Nabi (Saw). MashaAllah lovely lady, very knowledgeable about alternative health and she offers alot of free advice. I also liked the fact that she prays while carrying out the Hijaama. I would definitely recommend going to her Alhamdulillah.

Shelina Begum

I first came to know of hijama therapy a couple of years ago and discovered it was a sunnah of our beloved Prophet (ﷺ) with health benefits. As I was searching for a female therapist I came across sister Faridah and since then I have been using their services. Sister Faridah is very professional and friendly. She also provides other alternatives therapies and offers free health advice. Would highly recommend!‎


Very Warm environment, Friendly staff and excellent service provided

Samira Ahmed

Very effective when done on a regular basis. Sister Farida is very professional and absolutely lovely.

Emaan, Birmingham

Masha'Allah it's a blessing to have such a service on our doorstep alhamduliLlah. The service is clean, professional and excellent value for money. I love the fact that the sister recites du'as as she carries out the procedure. I felt really refreshed after having hijama and will definitely be returning insha'Allah, for my own health and to revive this forgotten Sunnah. Jazak Allah khair.


From the consultation to the end of the treatment, sister Faridah provided me with an extremely comfortable, pain-free and professional service. I decided to give hijama a go with the belief that it was sunnah and that even if it didn't provide any visible benefits, at least it would't cause any harm. I can happily and honestly say I noticed a number of changes which benefited my health quite considerably! I would definitely, definitely, definitely recommend this to everyone! Whether you're a skeptic, afraid of blood, healthy or unhealthy, hijama will definitely do you good. You won't be disappointed!"

Umm Aisha

I have been a insomniac for many years and decided to go fir hijama after reading a pamphlet at greenlane masjid. On arriving the enviroment was modern, clean and hygienic. It was my first Hijama and the therapist took time to explain the procedure to ensure I knew what was going to happen.She was approachable and I felt comfortable in discussing my medical issues. She also recommended some herbal medicine which made a difference to my condition.The equipment was clean and I was very happy with it. That night for the first time in many months I slept like a baby, Alhamdolillah! I have recomended hijama to everyone in my family and will be going for my next hijama very soon insha Allah!

Umm Osama

Excellent service, was refreshing and definitely recommend. This life is just a journey.....

A sister from Birmingham

salaam..Thank you very much for the beautiful hijama. I didnt feel a stranger inthe surroundings,in fact I was comfortable & Alhumdolilah at ease.Again thank you I felt as though a weight had been lifted off myshoulders. I would recommend the Hijama as a remedy or just for sunnah. Jazzak Allah khair sister.


I would like to let you know that I first heard about hijama from a friend to whom I complained about the persistent pain and numbness I suffered in my right hand and arm. This pain was so bad that I frequently had sleepless nights; in fact I would have to get up, take painkillers and walk about until the pain eased off. I read up on hijama and decided to try it. At my first appointment I was very nervous as I'm scared of needles/injections, but to my amazement there was NO pain, no discomfort at all. Best of all, I had good nights sleep as virtually all pain had disappeared. I've had my 2nd treatment and looking forward to the next session so that insha Allah I'm cured of this pain. ElhamduliLlah I feel so much better after my sessions, I want other family members to try it too, esp. those who suffer from pain from arthritis in the knees. JazakAllah Khair for giving your time in carrying out this Sunnah.

Sister A

AlhamdoliLlah my headaches which were so frequent and extremely painful have significantly reduced by 90% ! 3 months after the cupping was done I noticed the red patches on my face and some bruises from post surgery which I had 8 years ago on my legs FADE! I used to use a concealer to cover the redness on my face, now I do not. My lower back does notache as it did before.

Henna Begum

The benefits I had from hijama therapy ( I had 9 cups): it helped me with my eczema problems, I also had kidney problems. It helped me a lot, as now I don't have any pains. It also helped with my period problems. All this after the first treatment I had about a year ago. My age is 18.

Umm Musa

I was very nervous first time around. AlhamduliLlah such a wonderful sister made the experience very relaxed and made me feel at ease and comfortable. Masha Allah the sister is very knowledgeable and every time you go she will always give you leaflets and info regarding various health matters which is a wonderful little extra to have....I have been back to the sister ever since and recommend to others as the sister is also very professional. JazakAllah khayr for the wonderful service you provide!

Nazia, Nottingham

I've been having regular Hijamah sessions with sister Faridah for almost a year to ease my chronic back pain. AlhamduliLlah after a few sessions of hijamah my back pain was almost gone. Sister Faridah has a very relaxed yet professional approach. She made me feel very comfortable during the process and gave me excellent advise on physical and spiritual health. I would highly recommend all sisters to try at least one session and feel the benefits.


Really happy the way u did the Hijama!

Case study

A pregnant sister who was a week overdue and desperate to deliver contacted me. She had already had 3 sweeps with no result. I did the dry hijama procedure on her to bring on labour, which took less than half an hour. Two hours later I got an sms from her saying her water had broken and the labour was starting.....

N, Middlesborough

Just wanted to say I really appreciated your time and effort and may Allah bless you in your work.

A sister from Birmingham

Assalaamu alaykum. Alhamdulillah. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, The Exalted who enabled Hijamah to be performed on me. I will try to be concise and straight to the point Insha'allah. I am a nervous wreck! I suffer from extreme anxiety/nervousness and lethargy - obviously due to the excessive anxiety wearing my body down.

Through researching cures from the Sunnah I came across Hijamah and learned of its benefits. Subhan'allah, what motivated me was the knowledge that this was advised by the angels to Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam) in The Night Journey ( Al-Isra'). In fact, Hijamah is encouraged for 'healthy' people too (not just for the sick) because prevention is better than cure!

After researching Hijamah I was faced with the task of finding a good practitioner in a country where Hijamah is not regulated by a governing body! Alhamdulillah I read on the internet about the work that Sister Faridah does and I did further checks on Sister Faridah to ensure that she was registered with the CMA which reassured me that she was qualified, professional and capable of dealing with someone as anxious as me. More importantly, Hijamah is Sunnah and I didn't want any 'practitioner' to ruin my good deed and turn it into a nightmare!

Masha'allah Sister Faridah was fantastic from the moment I spoke to her on the phone to when I finally met her. She was non-judgemental and listened to my concerns despite them being crazy! When it came to the part of making light scratches on the surface of my skin I was ready to run and believe me I was about to jump and run - I once walked away from the dentist's chair in the middle of treatment! But Masha'allah Sister Faridah was skilful, fast and efficient and by the time I said 'nooooo' it was done and hijamah was well underway! Alhamdulillah Allah is the Giver of skill and wisdom and Masha'allah Sister Faridah knew how to deal with my anxiety.

To my surprise Hijamah was not painful and I only experienced a bit of discomfort. Towards the end of Hijamah I felt like I was going to have a blackout but Sister Faridah quickly helped me to lay on the floor and dealt with the situation so calmly and professionally. Not to worry, this probably won't happen to you insha'allah, i'm borderline anaemic plus anxiety; even routine blood tests at the doctors are very difficult for me. I must emphasise it is important that any person seeking Hijamah goes to a qualified, skilled and professional practitioner.

After the session I had a mild headache but no other immediate side effect (brain was in overtime with the nerves!). Alhamdulillah I felt 'different', a bit better I suppose. After the session on the way home, I went past my cousin's house and nearby was an ambulance and normally I get nervous at the sight of an ambulance and think "who has died...?" but this time it was refreshing to feel no nerves, tension or anxiety (I did not over react basically).

The immediate benefit of Hijamah was that my breathing improved which obviously helps with anxiety. I can't comment on long term benefits because it's early days and all of the above is personal and I write it solely to encourage sister's who are fearful of Hijamah. I'm sure no one is as extremely nervous as me or has an anxiety problem quite like mine. So if I can do it, so can you insha'allah - whatever your reasons for seeking Hijamah. I think I have done no justice to the word 'concise' so I shall stop tying!!! BaarakAllahu feekum.

NS, Birmingham

I came to sister Faridah on recommendation from another sister and found her to be pleasantly professional and thorough with her work. I came for my first hijama not knowing what to expect, was explained the procedure and guided through the process. AlhamduliLlah I came out after my treatment feeling very food. I've been amazed by the changes, having carried around a habit of nicotine and cannabis intake. For almost 2 months now after the hijama therapy I haven't touched a single one or had the need or urge to. Before that I tried to come off it, but couldn't keep it up longer than half a day or a day....I would recommend this to anyone. My wrongs were my wrongs, but it really did work. Thank you! Salaamalaikum.

Umm Yahya

I have had hijama done on a few occasions. The first time I had it done I immediately felt more energetic. This increase in energy lasted for a few months. My health generally seemed much better and I found I was no longer lethargic. I have also had hijama for aching legs and found it stopped the aching for a few months. I would recommend hijama to anyone who has poor health and those in good health as it is an excellent remedy for many conditions. It is reviving a sunnah as well.

Sister Q

I had had enough of going back and forth from doctors. I wanted something done that would not have side effects. I read a hadith Narrated by Abu Hurairah (radi Allahu anhu) that the Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: "There is no disease that Allah has sent down except that He also has sent down its treatment." [The Book of Medicine: Sahih Bukhari] I pondered over this Hadith and thought what would the prophet (saw) do if he was here.I prayed to Allah to guide me to what was good for me, and my families health, and Subhanallah! with a little patience and faith a sisters circle i had attended had an Hijama consultant telling us all about Hijama, its benefits, and most importantly for me was that it was a sunnah. I booked an appointment a little while after.

After treatment I was told that I may feel cold and may need to rest. Normally with an underactive thyroid I would feel utterly drained by 4-5pm. I went home thinking I'm going to totally crash out, but to my suprise I did not feel tired or lethargic.....in fact I was buzzing with energy. I did not sleep till after midnightIi felt totally cleansed of clogging toxins. I was able to do more in the day than Ii was able to do in a long time, Alhamdullilah! It has been 5 months since I had Hijama and I recommend all to have Hijama twice a year ........call it a body M .O. T. if you like.

I must mention the added bonus to having Hijama is that I have been sent most valuable links and websites to all sorts of fascinating eye opening facts about health, religion and much more. This has contributed to help me to become more aware, making decisions.... and changes to my lifestyle for the better. Jzk sister Faridah, may ALLAH BLESS YOU, and the service you are providing Ameen.

Sister A

AlhamdoliLlah my headaches which were so frequent and extremely painful have significantly reduced by 90% ! 3 months after the cupping was done I noticed the red patches on my face and some bruises from post surgery which I had 8 years ago on my legs FADE! I used to use a concealer to cover the redness on my face, now I do not. My lower back does notache as it did before.

J b, Coventry

After one treatment knee pain has gone and after a few more varicose veins have reduced dramatically alhamdulillah. Great service and would definitely recommend others. jazakillah khairun.

Umm Iqra

AlhamduliLlah having hijamah therapy has benefitted me after years of treatment for problems with my menstrual cycle and no real effects. After having two hijama treatments almost a year ago I experienced the benefit straightaway. My periods had been unpredictable, but have become regular.

I recommend everyone to give hijama a try.

SA, Birmingham

I have been having Hijama regularly for over a year now for a variety of ailments, including eczema, migraines and also weight loss. I have seen a drastic improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. Sister Faridah offers a very cost effective and professional service Masha'Allah. She is not only experienced in Hijama, but has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with allergies. I highly recommend Hijama to everyone, especially those who have seen no real improvement with traditional medicine. It can help you physically and spiritually and most importantly it is a Sunnah.

Parveen Awan, London

am very happy with the hijama therapy I received. I feel much better like the arthritis in my neck is fine, the pins and needles and cicrulation in my hand is much better. I was told by hospital I should have operation, but hijama has been very good and it is sunna and no side effects. I have already given your telephone no to a few people. I would recommend hijama therapy to everyone; it is safe and no side effects, it has worked wonders for me! The service was very good, really appreciate the service given, JAZAKALLAH

Umm sulaymaan

I was initially pleased with the first hijama I had done, but did not notice any benefits although I hope there were some!!(the benefits of hijama therapy may not always be felt directly, especially in people that are generally healthy, but the detoxification process will always take its course so hijama works as a preventative treatment. That's why it's recommended to have it once in a season to derive these benefits as an investment in good long-term health) I wasn't happy with the amount of blood withdrawn from my back,which was just drops.I was hoping for at least a small cup of blood to be withdrawn, but never spoke to Faridah regarding this .I'm sure she would have had an explanation as she surely knows what she's doing mashAllah!! (Indeed, there's an explanation for the amount of blood drawn: as the toxins are stored in the capillaries just under the surface of the skin, the amount of blood drawn is not important when the procedure is done right. People have different 'liquidity' of blood, meaning that some people's blood will flow more and others' will be more viscous, even it can vary from day to day. That's why there can be a difference from person to person in the amount of blood drawn even if the procedure is carried out in exactly the same way....We're after the toxins; not after the blood, so the amount of blood is not at all indicative of the success of the treatment)

The service was good mashAllah and Faridah gave me more information on health benefits and still emails me with so many health articles! She is a lovely lady mashAllah. I would recommend this service to others.


An excellent service from a very knowledgeable therapist. I feel very safe and comfortable with having hijama from sister Faridah.

Rukhsana Aziz

I have been having cupping treatments for a few months and it has helped me with my depression and anxiety, after suffering Cushing's disease and a removal of a benign tumour, I feel that the cupping has given me a release of energy and a breath of fresh air. I would recommend cupping to anyone who is experiencing any forms of ill health; it gives you inspiration and hope to come through difficulties in your life, because I believe our health is our wealth.

The cupping consultant is highly trained and she is full of knowledge, MashAllah in prayers and in blessings, she always gives time, hope and aspirations to her clients which helps those that are fearfull to try cupping. I would recommend this form of therapy to all faint hearted people as it is a blessed form of treatment as our beloved prophet pbuh highly recommended it! I wish The Hijamaplus team success and prosperity in their dedication and devotion to health for all. May Allah swt shower his mercy and grace upon you all.

RSM, Nottingham

I would like to tell anyone considering Hijama, that it isvery beneficial and easily affordable. The sister gives excellent service and advice. My Asthma improved by at least 80% after treatment.I would like to say Jazakillakhairan to sister Faridah for her help.


I had my Hijama last year I didn't know what it involved until i read upon it. After the procedure i felt good, very light, i would recommend this to all as its the sunnah and you also have many health benefits. I have recommended this to sisters who have had health concerns and it's a cure to may health problems. Sisters try it, it's painless, hygienic and sister Faridah is very professional. Jazakallah


I undertook hijama treatment for my insomnia and skin problems. AlhamduliLlah after the first treatment my sleeping pattern changed for the better and has continued to remain that way with follow up appointments.

Umm Harith

AlhamdoliLlah, I' m very pleased with the treatment I got and I can also say on my family member's behalf that they found it good too. I have and will always recommend it to my family and friends insha Allah. The therapy worked on me both mentally and physically. I felt more energetic and happy. The service given by sister Faridah was absolutely superb. Not only for hijamah, but also giving advice and information leaflets on other related issues. She has a variety of other product and information to help the therapy work more efficiently. I found the environment professional and friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxing and not the least the nice treat of juice and dates after the treatment. I will give treatment 10 out 10. JazakAllaho khairan.

Mrs Ahmed

The service I received was a professional and honest service from the start and still being offered advice on my eczema free of charge months after my initial treatment. Would definitely recommend.


Salaam ... I have benefited from the Hijama greatly. I had a problem with rheumatoid arthritis for many years now. I take a combination of pain killers and disease modifying drug. Since having the Hijama done I have stopped using pain killers alltogether which is a huge relief within itself. I remember feeling very scared and nervous about the treatment to start with. However, Faridah was great as she explained everything thoroughly so I knew exactly what she was doing the whole time which made me feel at ease. Even if you do not use the Hijama to tackle a specific problem it is a great stress reliever. Once you have had the treatment you feel so calm and relaxed I would highly recommend the Hijama to anyone." JZK

Umm Sufyan, Bordesley Green

At first I was a bit apprehensive about having hijama done, but finally plucked up the courage to go. Masha'Allah the sister explained everything to me first and put me to ease straight away. The actual treatment was very relaxing and I really like the fact the sister recites duas as she is doing the treatment. Would definitely recommend HijamaPlus to everyone. I go once a month now as I feel so refreshed after my treatment. Jazak Allah Khair


The hijama helped me to detox & gain some perspective in my life. After the hijama I experienced many feelings I have not experienced before & began to make sense of the world. The aftercare provided by Faridah is tremendously helpful & I have already referred her to a few of my family, friends & colleagues. If you are in doubt I would recommend that you have a conversation with Faridah & then decide. JzkAllah


Hijamaplus provides a professional and hygienic service that values client confidentiality. Faridah's service is particularly useful as it embraces a holistic approach to the clients' needs, providing additional advice and further self help measures beyond the actual cupping treatment sessions.

Umm Aamir

I have had hijama done twice from HijamaPlus and I must say it has been great. I was nervous at first, but the sister explained everything to me about the process and what to do after. The hijama has made a difference in my overall health. I used to have back problems which I don't anymore and also it worked wonders for my complexion.The sister is very knowledgeable about many conditions andI have benefited from her advice many times. I would highly recommend her to others and I have already and they're all were very happy with the outcome. Thanx sis and it's nice to know we have someone like you in our community.

SE, B'ham

I was suffering from excruciating back pains and abdominal cramps every time during my period. I had hijama twice and felt better every time; after the third treatment all those nasty pains and cramps disappeared completely and I've been pain-free during my period now for over a year! I can't thank you enough.

Tasneem Bint Ibraheem

I wanted to try hijmah years ago as I had read of it being a sunnah and all the health benefits , but it was being done by a brother. So I had to leave that option... Until Allah willed sister Faridah to start doing it for other sisters in Birmingham. I have been going now for many months as I do suffer with a lot of shoulder and neck pain. The cupping seems to really help mashallah and the sister is great,may Allah reward you sister.


You are such an amazing individual, you made me feel completely at ease. You took your time with me and were thorough in going through my consultation. I really felt so brilliant, alhamduliLlah after the session.

Also almost 2 weeks after the session I contacted you and you got back to me straight away with advice and guidance. I have told friends and family about you who have also started their sessions and feel the same. Jazakalah khairun sister and may Allah SWT reward you highly for your beautiful work and being a beautiful person yourself.

Sister F, Nottingham

As salaam ala kum sister,jazakAllah for sending me information. Since hajama Alhumdulillah I am feeling a lot better and my knees are so much better, subhanAllah

Case study

A lady came for a certain health problem. She also mentioned the bleeding from her uterus that she had had for weeks continuously after removing a contraceptive implant from her arm. The doctor couldn't make the bleeding stop. She called me some days after the hijama and said that the bleeding had stopped the day after her hijama treatment. Great result!!! And she hadn't even come for that reason.

Sister Rifat

I was recommended sister Faridah by a friend and I found her to be very professional and friendly. The treatment was very relaxing. After the treatment I felt like I had more energy and felt, generally, in good health. Also, sister Faridah is very knowlegable about general health and send regular emails about different health issues. I have recommended her to many people and will be returning myself after Ramadan InshAllah.